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My coworker was looking for someone to make a specific cake for her 2 year old’s birthday party. Naturally i volunteered myself and Ryan to step up to the challenge. She wanted a cake that encompassed “Frozen” and “Yo Gabba Gabba”. It was quite a doozy but very fun to put together! Other than the fact we accidentally made Olaf look evil, I must say turned out very nice for our first attempt at making a cake!

Disney Animation + Pixar Studios- Go The Distance Tribute 2.0

This is sort of a remake and a revised version of my previous video. I tried to incorporate more Disney/Pixar Animated films than last time. I’ve also gone through the trouble of making the video in better quality without the annoying flashing DIVX many of you may have noticed before. Hope you all enjoy this one. 

And if I were invited back, it’s more than the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who has ever done, I’ll tell you that

John Barrowman on being asked  if he was returning to Arrow Season 2 all the while comparing to his lack of an invite to appear as Captain Jack again in the 50th Doctor Who anniversary

I’m pretty sure this go against the whole thing Moffat said over the weekend. Here is what was reported from several sites:  ”Don’t presume to know what’s in the special, Moffat said. He said he’s been “lying his ass off for months” about what is in it, so anything could be in it — including Captain Jack.”

So Either Barrowman has assured us he isn’t on the 50th or trying to throw us off course…but he seems pretty bitter from this quote….

I also think the role of the assistant has changed since Steven Moffat started overseeing Doctor Who. Rose, Martha and Donna were chosen to travel with the Doctor because they showed in one way or another that they were smart and up to the challenge. Amy and Clara both come to the Doctor first and foremost as mysteries. Amy is the little girl who grew up with a rift in time in her bedroom wall, who doesn’t know why she doesn’t have parents. She spends many episodes being mystically both pregnant and not pregnant but doesn’t know a thing about it and all our information about it comes through the Doctor. What the fuck is that?
Some version of Clara dies on screen twice before she is taken on as the assistant, and it seems like the Doctor takes up with her to find out why. In both cases, the woman is not of interest for her character or her abilities, but for some fundamental mystery in her being. The mystery isn’t even a secret she’s keeping, something over which she has control- it’s something she does not know about, that the Doctor must puzzle out in his own mind. It’s not about her- it’s about what’s wrong with her. When Steven Moffat took over Doctor Who, women became a problem.

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Things about New!Who that I couldn’t explain why felt wrong.

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fake movie meme → Guillermo del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast, with Emma Watson, Michael Fassbender, and Ian Holm

Then Beauty began to cry, and wandered sadly back to her own room. But she soon found that she was very sleepy, and as she had nothing better to do she lay down and instantly fell asleep. And then she dreamed that she was walking by a brook bordered with trees, and lamenting her sad fate, when a young prince, handsomer than anyone she had ever seen, and with a voice that went straight to her heart, came and said to her, “Ah, Beauty! you are not so unfortunate as you suppose. Here you will be rewarded for all you have suffered elsewhere. Your every wish shall be gratified. Only try to find me out, no matter how I may be disguised, as I love you dearly, and in making me happy you will find your own happiness. Be as true-hearted as you are beautiful, and we shall have nothing left to wish for.” [x]

This set is all sorts of Awesome in my book